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Oct 4, 2012 4:00am EDT
country and his plan really speaks to that both on economy, foreign policy and other points about so that there is no question this debate is important, but also you are right, there's a long time left. there's two jobs reports that are left. about 33, 34 days that are left in this campaign. it's a long time. but what you saw going into this debate are polls tightening in florida, in ohio, all across the board in the battleground states. and this will build on that momentum. and when the jobs report comes out, there will not be a positive jobs report by all expectations from president obama that will again build on that momentum and add to mitt romney really getting toward november 6th with full steam ahead. but there are two debates left. it's important for mitt romney not to have a let down in the next debate which is more of a town hall structure. and that bodes well for president obama. but if mitt romney can keep going with the strength that he did in the first debate, it will be a very tough election for president obama. >> chris, let's bring you in. boris reckons that romney s
Oct 1, 2012 4:00am EDT
to allow that to happen. true global consolidation, a lot of countries still have policies that limit foreign investment in the airline sector. so we need to see a lot of changes in the regulatory environment to allow that to happen. in the meantime, we did see a lot of consolidation continue to happen within regions like latin america, like north america, like europe. and asia is a bit more difficult because you didn't have common market like you do in europe. joint ventures and partnerships, so some benefits can be realbut still doesn't really allow for that. >> it's not the same as doing the full monty. brendan, thanks for that. good to see you. just a quick programming note. tomorrow we will bring you a first on cnbc in an interview with the director general, he will be joining us on cnbc. i'm not sure if he's on "worldwide exchange." anyway, on the agenda in asia tomorrow, australia central bank is holding its policy meeting, widely expected to cut rates, but analysts are pretty divide order whether they'll pull the trigger tomorrow. retail sales figures, also. still to come, the
Oct 5, 2012 4:00am EDT
to -- are they blaming the government or are they blaming foreign countries? >> they know it that the government policies internationally and domestically are to blame for this. and they know that the governme government -- if you look at the statements by those recently protested, what we're not seeing are calls for regime change. we're seeing discontent with social economic conditions and degree of weariness about the prospect of conflict, but not outright hostility to the regime. >> how do you see this now developing? you heard henry saying the nuclear program is still on track. so how does it play out? >> i think we have the domestic issue in which i think we're likely to see some form of debate within the region, pot people defecting, but a real debate between from a kitraditi conservatives and ahmadinejad, who is to blame for the current environment. so that's the part where we'll have much more debate. and the real intention or the real intent of the sanctions is to change iran's position on the nuclear program. that's likely to be less effective. iran needs face saving mechanisms. a deal which gu
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3